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               OUR TEAM



Edgar N. Palacios, P.A. & Co. is essentially a group of hard working people striving to give you the best service you can ever find. We know that our clients are the base of our company and as such they deserve to be treated with respect and integrity.


Fresh ideas, new perspectives and technical expertise save our clients thousands of dollars and a lot of worry. All client matters are handled in strictest confidentiality with the highest ethical standards...


If you or anybody you know happens to come across with a tax problem of any federal or state agency, or, if there is an established liability a federal or state lien filed against the social security number a garnishment on the payroll check, or anything of this sort, please let us know, our office counts with all the experience necessary and we do offer the optimum solution to our clients

About Us


Maximum Refund


We'll get you the largest refund you are entitled to

IRS Tax Audit Advice


In case you get a notice from IRS, you can visit us for a free complimentary advice.

Open Year-Round


Every season is tax season for us.

We are open 5 days a week for you

Did you start a new job?


Got a full time, part time or are considering retiring? All these situations can affect your income and your tax return amount.

Did you buy a house?


Every space in that house could greatly affect your taxes.

Did you start a business?


We will give you advice in how to manage your business taxes through new tax forms.

Our Services


Years of Experience


Clients happy with their tax returns


Serving the non-profit sector


Joyful Staff

          OUR FOUNDER

Our Founder



Edgar N. Palacios is a public tax auditor with 30 years of experience dealing before the IRS assisting taxpayers to resolve their Tax problems.


He is also authorized to represent the taxpayer before the Franchise Tax Board, as a result of this; he has gained recognitions in several major TV networks.  He has had the opportunity to participate in live TV and radio presentations about tax issues and debates mainly focused on Tax Debts with the Government and Solution to the Problems.



“Professional work, they gave me a personalized assitance with my income tax return”

Danielle Hudson

I recently change the way I have been doing taxes, I met Mr. Edgar Palacios and his team. They have been amazing at explaning and helping me bulid an LLC. and the tax process for my induvidual for my W2's Thank you

“They helped me such welcoming smile that made my whole family feel comfortable and their experienced helped me get child tax credits.”

Evelyn Fontana

Enrique Brizuela

Success Stories
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Our Address

8429 East Florence Ave. Downey, CA 90240 \\ Tel: 213.388.8291

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  09:00AM – 6:00PM

Saturday -  By appointment only



Your communication through this website, or by other means, compromises you to the sensitive information not publicized and approved by our client. Please be advised

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